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Doping control will be as per the following regulations

- A director for doping control shall be appointed at least three (3) months in advance of the competition
and make contact with the OC medical representative;
- All doping tests should be performed according to FISU and WADA rules, preferably using FISU forms.
Sample collection data must also be entered into ADAMS1;
- Athletes are eligible for testing once accredited until the athletes depart the official event accommodation;
- All sample analyses must be performed at a WADA-accredited laboratory;
- All the costs of the doping tests (including collection, transportation, laboratory analyses) shall be borne
by the Organising Committee;
- Results shall be available within a reasonable time frame of the sample arriving at the laboratory;
- Number of tests, analysis and testing days according to the FISU CMI requirements;
- FISU records breakers will be tested at the expenses of the OC;
- National records can be tested at the request and expenses of the NUSF.
The selection process of athletes for testing shall be determined by the FISU CMI in collaboration with the
appropriate authorities.
Out-of-competition and blood tests may be performed at Championships.
Request regarding the Doping-control station (DCS)
- Located in the competition venue or as close as possible;
- Shall consist of at least three (3) separate rooms;
• Waiting room. Suitable size with enough seats to accommodate an athlete, one accompanying
person, any necessary interpreters and the Doping Control Officer (DCO) staff. Supply of sealed drinks
including water and other suitable beverages;
• Toilet area including separate toilets for men and women with enough space and mirrors for the
accurate determination of the urine origin. Washbasins;
• The sample handling room shall ensure privacy for sample handling and discussion;
• Testing room should ensure complete privacy for sample handling and discussion with each athlete;
- Sample kits shall be WADA-approved;
- Security: The DCS shall be secure and access shall be strictly denied to public and media; the staff
should get specific accreditation;
- Refrigerated bottle storage / specimen storage;
- Sealed water bottles;
- Computer with internet access and printer;
- If blood tests are required, please refer to the WADA international standards for blood sample collection.
Staff members;
- Should be suitably trained and experienced in doping control procedures;
- The DCO must have knowledge and experience with use of ADAMS;
- There should be no conflict of interest, e.g. dual responsibility for the DCS and competing athletes;
- Chaperones should be available in sufficient numbers so that athletes can be seen at all times after
notification. They must be of the same gender as the athlete, have knowledge of correct procedures, and
their accreditation should give them access to all areas to which the athletes have access.
After doping control, transportation of athletes, doping control staff and FISU medical delegate must be
ADAMS : Anti-Doping Administration and Management System
Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
A TUE is the form detailing athletes‟ medication.
TUEs (original or copy) should be provided for doping control:
- At the doping control test;
- Within 24 hours after the doping control test;
- During Championships, to the FISU Medical Delegate.